Monthly Archives: March 2013

SolidWorks to OpenSceneGraph

[Update March 26: Re-uploaded the tool, I had scaling backwards.  Oops!]

File format management seems to be a perpetual problem in CAD.  For folks looking to convert a SolidWorks assembly to use in OpenSceneGraph and maintain the position and orientation of the parts relative to each other, we’ve figured out what seems to be the ideal workflow, at least for now.  A nice feature: it doesn’t require any commercial, proprietary software beyond SolidWorks itself.  I’ve documented the process in two screencasts on my Screenr account, which I’ve embedded below.

Download the Windows tool used in the screencast here: osgconv-20130319-solidworks-stl

First step: Export files from SolidWorks to STL.

Second step: Convert STL files to OSG files in bulk.