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Day 0, and day 1 begins

Yesterday, some enjoyable SV’ing, and a bit of project work. And today,the big one begins. Waiting for the opening plenary to start, with Coldplay’s “Clocks” jamming in this huge ballroom that nevertheless seems quite full…

CHI Day -1 (workshops) – Pre-registration

I’m here in Atlanta for the CHI 2010 conference: I’ll be a student volunteer and attending as many of the sessions as I can. I now have the N810 set up better for quick blogging, so I’ll be putting in quick updates all week.

When working registration today, met Univerity of Iowa’s Thomas Hansen of PyMT fame – this would count as my first “conference turns familiar email address into face” experience of the event. Looks like he might also be a student volunteer as well! It reminded me I should really look in to publishing my multitouch work that came out of my senior project. Just need to ask someone more up-to-date on the lit in that area for a bit of assistance.

(And yes, I have another post in draft form on Haptics – will finish it up while I’m here between doing SV things, attending interesting sessions, and working on my 575 project…)